Sunday, 20 May 2018

4th Asian Senior and Junior Trampoline Gymnastics Championships 2018

4th Asian Senior and Junior Trampoline Gymnastics Championships was held at the University of Makati Gym from May 19 and 20.

Erin Abaniel of the Philippines won an outright bronze medal in the senior - women's senior event after scoring 11.700 points behind gold medalist Shivani Dound scoring 35.635 and Siddhi Breed with 28.515 (silver medalist) both from India.

The event was participated by 3 competitors.

In boys senior event, the Kazakhs ruled the event after Pirmammad Aliyev snatched the gold (54.74) and Daniyar Tusupov (51.8) won the bronze medal. North Korea's Yun Song Kim received the silver medal (52.805).

In the junior and qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games, China and Japan's gymnasts dominate the event. 

The following are the medalists and qualified athletes for Gymnastics - Trampoline Event.

Boys - Gold -Takumi Fujimoto (Japan) 55.755; Silver - Hayato Miyano (Japan) 55.660 & Bronze -Wei Wu (China) 53.545

Girls - Xinyi Fan (China) 54.740; Silver - Junyi Yan (China) 52.805 & Bronze - Serina Masuzaki (Japan) 51.800

Benjamin Jesus Mendoza of host Philippines made into the finals but his score was not enough to make it to the podium.

Other gymnasts from the Philippines were Shane Francis Peralta in the boys division and Fiona Mae Ventenilla in the girls division. Francisco Deorelar in the men’s division and Erin Abaniel in the women’s division.

Hong Kong, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Uzbekistan and Southeast Asia's Vietnam also competed i this two-day event. 

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