About Us

Southeast Asian Sports News (SSN) supports and promotes sport events and athletes of Southeast Asia. It gives results of the different sport events on which the Southeast Asian (SEA) athletes competed.

The blog focuses on Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games),  SEA Championships, ASEAN University Games and ASEAN School Games.

Big events such as the Olympic Games, Youth Olympics, World Championships, World Games and Asian Games are also being featured in the blog but mainly focuses on SEA athletes results.

The blog also gives ranking of the eleven (11) SEA nations in different sports especially in football and medal tally of multi-sporting events.

The results collected and gathered may be used for future references of different National Olympic Committee (NOC) in Southeast Asia.
SSN  logo is a square-shaped design that represents a "fair & square" in sports competition while the 16 small squares represent all the colors of the flags of the SEA member countries. 

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