Monday, 5 March 2018

Asian Wrestling Championships 2018

The Asian Wrestling Championships 2018 was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from February 27 to March 4.

Thailand participated in the women's and greco-roman events while Vietnam only competed in the women's events.

Vietnam became Southeast Asian strong competitors in wrestling especially in the women's category. They often compete in international events like this in the recent years. 

Women's Events
Manlika Esati | Women's 50kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Jo Cih Chiu
  • 10th Place Overall
Jantima Virangsa | Women's 55kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Thi Ly Kieu (VIE)
  • 9th Place Overall
Orasa Sookdongyor | Women's 57kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Thi Huong Dao (VIE)
  • 7th Place Overall
Phimsuphak Ainphen | Women's 59kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Ningning Rong (CHN)
  • Final 3-5 | Defeated by Shoovdor Baatarjav (MGL)
  • 5th Place Overall
Salinee Srisombat | Women's 62kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Jiae Choi (KOR)
  • 9th Place Overall

Greco-Roman Events
Piyabut Wiratul | Men's 60kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Se Ung Ri (DPR)
  • Repechage | Defeated by Yu Hung Lin (TPE)
  • 11th Place Overall
Pongsit Deemark Men's 67kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Gaoquan Zhang (CHN)
  • 12th Place Overall
Apichai Natal | Men's 72kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Kuldeep Malik (IND)
  • 11th Place Overall

Women's Events
Thi Xuan Nguyen | Women's 50kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by N. Erdenesukh (MGL)
  • 12th Place Overall
Thi Hang Vu | Women's 53kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Yongmi Pak (PRK)
  • Final 3-5 | Defeated by Yu Miyahara (JPN)
  • 5th Place Overall
Thi Ly Kieu | Women's 55kg 
  • Qualification Round | Defeated Jantima Virangsa (THA)
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Amina Alimbetova (UZB)
  • 7th Place Overall
Thi Huong Dao | Women's 57kg
  • Quarter Finals | Defeated Orasa Sookdongyor (THA)
  • Semi Finals | Defeated by Sara Natami (JPN)
  • Final 3-5 | Defeated by Yeseul Kim (KOR)
  • 5th Place Overall
Thi Vinh Nguyen | Women's 59kg
  • Qualification Round | Defeated by Shoovdor Baatarjav (MGL)
  • 9th Place Overall
Thi My Hanh Nguyen | Women's 62kg

  • Quarter Finals | Defeated by Yurika Ito (JPN)
  • 10th Place Overall

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