Wednesday, 23 May 2018

IFMA - Muay Thai World Championships 2018

The 2018 IFMA - Muay Thai World Championships was held at Oceana Hotel in Cancun, Mexico from May 10 to 20.

The tournament featured 50 divisions that attracted 404athletes from 77 team delegations.

Our Southeast Asian teams from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam took home medals at this world championships.

Thailand placed second overall with 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals while the Philippines grabbed 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals to land 10th overall. 

Vietnam on the other hand collected 2 silver medals and rank 17th and Malaysia won 1 bronze medal to place 40th overall. Singapore also took part at this competition with 5 athletes failed to win medal.

Below are the medalists from Southeast Asian region.

  • Bronze - Mohammed Rezamin (Adult Male Competitive B Class -48kg)

  • Gold - Ariel Lee Lampacan (Adult Male Competitive B Class -51kg)
  • Silver - Khen Johnson Marques (Adult Male Competitive B Class -54kg)
  • Bronze - Jojie Paraon (Adult Male Competitive B Class -48kg)
  • Bronze - Philip Delarmino (Adult Male Competitive B Class -57kg)

  • Gold - Komsan “Yodwicha” Tantakhob (Adult Male Elite A Class -71kg)
  • Gold - Suphisara Konlak (Adult Female -48kg)
  • Gold - Wiwat Khamtha (Adult Male Elite A Class -57kg)
  • Gold - Aphichet Nakkaeo (Adult Male Elite A Class -48kg)
  • Gold - Arnon Phonkrathok (Adult Male Elite A Class -51kg)
  • Silver - Yadrung “Chomanee” Tehiran (Adult Female -54kg)
  • Silver - Prawit Chilnak (Adult Male Elite A Class -60kg) 
  • Bronze - Chotichanin Kokkrachai (Adult Male Elite A Class -54kg)

  • Silver - Bui Yen Ly (Adult Female -51kg)
  • Silver -  Long Nguyen Doan (Adult Male Competitive B Class -57kg)

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